What is marketing research all about?

Marketing research agencies such as BERENT helps manufacturers and marketers identify, understand and meet consumer needs and wants. We help the manufacturers and marketers save consumers money, by providing data to the companies so as to help them reduce the costs associated with, among other things, new product failures and inefficient advertising.

By answering the questions of marketing researchers, consumers make their opinions on products, services and issues known through their direct communications channel with those who have the power to make the changes.

For example: in the olden days you would have asked the village’s shoemaker to make you a pair of new shoes. You could look him in the eyes, and explain face-to-face what features were needed. Today things couldn’t be more different: shoes would be bought without meeting the designer or the person who cut the leather. Only by answering the marketing researchers’ questions, will you generally be able to make your opinions and feelings on products known and thus have influence with the manufacturer.

Why are manufacturers and marketers so concerned about what consumers want?

The answer comes down to “money”. New product development and market launches are a very risky business. Research, properly conducted, significantly reduces the chances of new product failure or inefficient advertising by identifying in advance, elements that do not meet consumer needs or wants.

So, the next time a marketing researcher calls you at home – Try it, participate, it’s your opportunity to voice your opinions in our wonderful fact-finding world!

I need to update my contact details. How can I do this?

If your contact details have changed, simply fill in our Contact form on the website and note both your old and new details. So as to secure your personal data, we do not store this information online, that’s why you cannot update your contact details directly. We will use the contact form in order to update your information on our database.

Can I change the password you’ve sent me? What I need to do if I forgot it?

The password is generated by our system and sent to you automatically after your subscription. You need it to access the “Winners list” of the lottery from all survey participants results. You cannot change this password by yourself. In case you’ve lost your password, please, connect with us via the Contact form on the site, provide us with your email address and we will resend your password.

How do I get invited to take part in further interviews?

Once you have agreed to participate in further interviews, you will be invited to take part whenever future relevant surveys are available. Generally, when one of our clients wants to learn more about the views and opinions of people in your demographic, you will be invited to participate in the survey.

How will BERENT contact me? 

Generally, BERENT will contact you by telephone or email.

All calls and emails will always be clearly identifiable as coming from BERENT. If in any doubt about the authenticity of the approach, then contact us via the ‘contact’ options on the website.

Why am I never invited to take part in surveys?

We cannot control how many surveys will be relevant to you over any given period, but those that are, then you will be automatically invited to each one.

To ensure you receive all invitations, continuously check your ‘junk’ or ‘spam’ mail and also add BERENT to your safe list.

How do I receive my check or coupon when my email was among the lottery winners?

Once your email has appeared among the lottery winners you will also be notified about your win via email. Our representative will request your postal address, this should be sent back to us by return. You will be notified as to when to expect the prize. Please, allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

If you do not respond to our Congratulations letter, we will try to reach you by phone. But we are not responsible for failure in all our attempts to contact you if your contact details are incorrect. In this case you lose all rights to your win and the coupon will participate in the next lottery.